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Static Activity

April 14 – May 18, 2019

Foyer-LA hosts a held moment of pure suspension: Static Activity. This group show, explores sensations of both absence and presence, of recharging and redirecting.

Michael Ashkin’s “constructed photographs” are spray paintings where different sources of value are radiated onto a flat surface. He thinks of them as future images constructed from the generalized recollection of past images, where the works may, “perpetuate the historic logic of our entire spatial and symbolic order.”  The scale offers intimacy yet the imagery depicts an unknown vastness. The paintings are apocalyptic and otherworldly.

Ilze Damroze’s sculptures are fixed cast polyester resin, a process where a fluid medium becomes solid through the addition of a catalyst. The forms, a manifestation of the constructed mold, feel illusionistically transformative. Light bleeds through them, emanating a cast color-that glows and change. These sculptures hum in their stillness.

Mary Grisey’s sculptures have a haunting ethereal quality in which the body is implied and yet deflated or absent. She notes, “Energy goes into my materials and then there is a natural or simulated process of deconstruction.”  The sculptures, primarily black in color, hang off of the wall and seem to vibrate in their constructed and deconstructed state.