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the Subject, the Secondary, and the Object

June 15 – July 17, 2019

The Subject, the Secondary, and the Object displays these elemental roles in various spatial arrangements. Kyoko Oshiro’s floral works sculpt interlaces, where one plant element overlaps another and creates a sense of tension between alternating materials. Patrick Lakey’s female ‘Morrison’ acts as a poetic locator- an aimless figure in the landscape of American myth. Connie Walsh’s tight photographic lens re-frames architect Rudolf Schindler’s interiors as planes, volumes, and voids, establishing inhabitable abstractions. In each, the subject is present in various ways: as a human in Lakey’s HWY, as the central stem in Oshiro’s arrangements, or perhaps as simply space being asked to hold light in Walsh’s photographs. In these exchanges a multiplicity develops where the subject’s dependency on the existence of the object and the interplay of any secondary becomes revealed.