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Patrick Lakey – HWY

(2) Single channel videos
(each) Running time: 8 min
Ed. of 5

“HWY” is Jim Morrison’s unknown art house-influenced film, a surreal study of a lone anti-hero, via the iconic American backdrop and theme of the road. Morrison’s vision, subtitled “An American Pastoral”, intersects as well a long standing assessment of our cultural imagination.

Patrick Lakey’s “HWY” is a retelling, an homage, a critique, and a lark. Taking Morrison at his word, that the work is fueled by an interest in “an American pastoral” and its relation to the road and the anti-hero, Lakey has ditched the car, cast a woman in the central role, and distilled the action into three movements—nature, the city, and the road between. Three single takes produce a pared down poetry of motion, set in the desert, the landscape of American myth. Starring Rebecca Anderson with a score by Brian McBride from Stars of the Lid.

HWY #1

HWY #2