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Uncertainties. Closing Reading

December 21, 2020 3-5 PM

Lilly Taggart will be reading a poem, Knot, she wrote in response to her mother, Laura Cooper’s, sculpture. Come join us for Cava and clementines.


I am the child
Tangled up in the belly
Reaching into the strings and weaving
Each trunk together
I pull at pieces that tighten the skin
And wrap myself into the inner workings
Of the beast

I am splayed under the
That cross over each other
And into my vision
Pulling out points
That stitch themselves together
Under my skull
Imprinting their
Tar stained speech
Onto my tongue

There is a crack
Between the space
That I can reach
And the space that reaches to me
And there
I can see through the being
And into the inner
Where the tangled form
Is at peace
Resting in a central
That is wrapped up like a fist
And pokes its fingers out
Only for them to loop
Back in

To themselves
Cycling through
And flesh
And fabric

I am the child
Of the maker
My hands
Navigate through
The twisting form
Mirroring my mothers

The creature above me
Is the child of the maker too
Shaped from
Her hands

Each line
That coils through
The space above
My body
Is waiting to be
Pulled together
Our hands

I trace the lines of the form back to their
The knot they were
Born from
The tangled breathing mass
That twists out of my grasp
As I stitch the skin of it
Back together.