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Chase Wilson ‘Feb 21 And Arrival At The Repetition’

April 10 – May 22, 2021

In FOYER-LA’s project, ‘Feb 21 and arrival at the repetition’, Chase Wilson shows a series of paintings with a lust for space. Working wet on wet to make his oil paintings, Wilson creates a time constraint that he describes as “speedy, but somehow refined, in the sense that everything is quite visible.” His subjects, “banal things ravished with attention” become mere props that draw the viewer into the rich possibility of ’emptiness’ and the painter’s ability to ‘carve space.’ In Wilson’s paintings, space is compressed, perspectives altered, and tension is generated between abstraction and figuration. Wilson describes the origin of this act: “There is a feeling of ‘running away’ that comes to bear- it’s almost a careening out into the empty space that is induced in the paintings. Into the emptiness with attentive abandon.”


*All covid-19 precautions are in place. Please arrive wearing a mask and expect to wear it for duration of the visit. Any more than two visitors at a time will be asked to wait outside.